Scars No Longer Need to be For Life Thanks to Laser Resurfacing

While the scar on your knee may bring a smile to your face remembering adventurous times of old, there are some scars that you’d rather weren’t a part of the landscape, especially in highly visible areas. Whether acne scars mottle your skin or an old injury gave way to a front-and-center scar, we now have the technology to target and eliminate the scar, restoring your skin to a smooth, blank canvas.

Here at Laser MD Cosmetics, as our name implies, we feature the latest laser products that are revolutionizing the way we target many skin issues. Under the experienced guidance of Dr. Dennis L. Clark, we’re helping our clients in Long Beach, California, renew, refresh, and revitalize their skin, without resorting to risky and painful surgery.

If you’d rather you didn’t carry certain scars for life, here’s how our laser resurfacing can help.

The power of light

While laser technology in the medical world isn’t necessarily new, recent refinements in the technology provide us with a new precision and accuracy ideal for dealing with delicate skin tissue. Traditionally, to remove a scar, you had to undergo plastic surgery and skin grafts, which, while effective, are highly invasive procedures that cause a fair bit of collateral damage in the process. Not to mention, the risk of infection is heightened anytime you undergo surgery.

Using pulsating and intense beams of light, we’re able to remove the irregularities on your skin, such as scarring, one layer at a time, without damaging your surrounding tissue. Because we can adjust the laser energy to different depths, we can target your scarring properly, from tough raised scars to leftover pock marks from acne, through laser skin resurfacing.

Fighting fire with fire

One of the more fascinating aspects of our skin resurfacing laser system is that we’re really fighting fire with fire when it comes to scarring. Scars are the product of your body’s healing response, which floods the injured or damaged area with extra collagen to shore up the tissue as quickly as possible to protect your body. While effective, this response is one of survival, and your body pays little regard to the aftermath insofar as appearance is concerned.

When we remove your scar tissue with intense pulsed light therapy, we spur a much milder healing response in your skin. This means that your body, once again, synthesizes collagen and elastin, but in amounts that won’t lead to disfiguring scarring. Instead, your body rebuilds smooth, scar-free skin from the inside out.

All at once

While it may seem like there’s a lot to removing a scar, we’re able to remove it and spur collagen production in one treatment. Depending upon the size and number of areas you want to treat, we can generally address most scars in under an hour.

Once we’re through, you’re free to return home with our aftercare instructions, which involve keeping the treatment area clean and medicated. Immediately after your treatment, your scar tissue may swell slightly or become discolored, but within a week, the damaged tissue starts to slough off, revealing fresh, new skin underneath.

The collagen and elastin synthesis continues to rebuild your skin for several weeks after your treatment, so your results are gradual as your new, scar-free skin settles itself into place.

If you’d like to do away with unpleasant reminders from the past, give us a call to learn more about how laser skin resurfacing can tackle tough scars. Or you can use our online booking tool to set up a consultation.

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