Why Experience Matters When It Comes to Administering Botox and Fillers

If you don’t think you look as young as you feel, it may be time to consider the benefits of BotoxⓇ and dermal fillers. These noninvasive facial treatments can improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles without the risks and downtime associated with traditional cosmetic surgery. 

In just one short office visit, you can erase years of damage caused by the sun, pollution, and aging. You typically can resume normal activities immediately after treatment and enjoy your new look for several months up to a year, depending on the treatment chosen. 

The fact that these injectable treatments can deliver natural-looking results with no downtime has increased their popularity. In 2018, Botox and soft tissue fillers ranked as the top two minimally invasive cosmetic procedures in the United States. With the procedures in such high demand, more aesthetic providers have added these treatments to their services. Unfortunately, not all providers have the same level of knowledge and expertise, which can leave patients with unsatisfactory and even damaging results. 

With so many options for treatment, it’s important to work with an experienced Botox and fillers specialist to achieve the results you desire. At Laser MD Cosmetics in Long Beach, California, Dennis L. Clark, MD, has extensive experience using these treatments to help patients erase the effects of aging. Dr. Clark combines professional expertise and an aesthetic eye to deliver outcomes that let you look like yourself, only better. 

What is Botox?

Botox is an injectable medication containing botulinum toxin, a byproduct of the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. This toxin causes a form of muscle paralysis known as botulism. When injected in very small doses into the muscles at the site of a wrinkle, it temporarily relaxes the muscles under the skin. When the muscles relax, your skin appears smoother on the surface and wrinkles disappear. 

With appropriate use, Botox can correct the following conditions:

What are dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers consist of injectable gels that contain hyaluronic acid, a substance that occurs naturally in your body. Hyaluronic acid delivers nutrients and acts as a cushioning agent. As your supply of hyaluronic acid decreases with age, it results in a loss of skin structure and volume, which makes wrinkles more visible. The ingredients in dermal fillers increase hydration and plumpness. 

Several brands of dermal fillers exist. Laser MD Cosmetics offers Radiesse® and Juvéderm® products. These fillers can be administered alone or in combination, depending on your goals. They produce the following results:

What types of results can an inexperienced provider cause?

Skilled providers like Dr. Clark combine professional expertise with an understanding of facial anatomy and aesthetics. Without professional training and experience in Botox application, outcomes can include: 

Having dermal fillers administered by an inexperienced provider can produce similar disturbing results. They can include:

In addition to providing unsightly results, inexperienced providers can also deliver treatments that indicate no sign of change or improvement, resulting in a waste of your time and money. 

Are Botox or dermal fillers right for me?

Both Botox and dermal fillers can provide temporary correction to the cosmetic effects of aging. When administered by an experienced provider, these treatments typically deliver as promised with minimal risk and few complications. It’s important to understand that side effects can occur even with expert administration. However, you’ll minimize your risk by working with an experienced professional.

Find out how Botox and dermal fillers can fit into your individual cosmetic enhancement program. Schedule an appointment online or call our office for your personal consultation.

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